Award Winning ASA Instructors

Nautilus Sailing Walks Away with Top Instructor Awards!

ASA Liveaboard Sailing AwardsLife is too short to not follow your heart and passions! Here at Nautilus, it is amazing to see the incredible caliber of instructors on the team. Everyone has left successful careers in more traditional fields, to pursue their passions.

On our instructor team we have ex-engineers, media directors, computer experts, business owners, international project managers and realtors. All have traded in more lucrative careers, being a sailing instructor isn’t the highest paying job out there, to follow their passions.

The Highest ASA Endorsement

Every year, the American Sailing Association, reviews all the surveys that students submit anonymously online after completing their sailing courses. Many of the questions ask about the experience with their instructor.

These results are then tallied each year and out of thousands of active ASA instructors, they identify the best. The top 30 highest scoring instructors receive the prestigious “Outstanding Instructor award”. Considering there are 7,000 ASA instructors, with several thousand “active” instructors, being named an “Outstanding Sailing Instructor” is a HUGE honor!

10% Of the Top Instructors Work for Nautilus

Nautilus Sailing just received word that 3 of our 10 instructors won the prestigious ASA Outstanding Instructor Award for 2018. We couldn’t be more thrilled! This means that out of the ASA’s 350 schools worldwide, Nautilus had more instructors win the award than any other school and emerged as the most award winning school. Congratulations to Al Van Dyke, Mark Brown and Tim Jenne!

ASA Outstanding Instructor Award Winners

If you’ve had courses with Al, Mark and Tim, you know what incredible people and instructors they are. Thank you for submitting your evaluations so that they could be honored! Here Nautilus Sailing we are blessed to have the most incredible instructor team teaching our live aboard courses.

100% Focus on the Experience: Both Ours and Yours

It is one of the things that sets Nautilus apart from so many sailing schools out there, and we couldn’t be more proud of our staff! We are grateful that each one of our instructors chooses to follow their passions, and wants to help people learn to sail and embark on their own sailing adventures.

And before the ‘fantastic three’ get too big-headed, it’s important to note that most of the other Nautilus Instructors have previously won awards, or have been really close to doing so.

We won’t settle for anything but the best experience. So find your ideal liveaboard sailing trip today or call the office at +1 800 680 7902 and discover the perfect Nautilus trip for you.




Award Winning ASA Instructors

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