Adventures on Oahu: SUP and Sail…

Stand up paddling is taking the water sports world by storm. Why? Because unlike surfing or kiteboarding or water skiing, stand up paddling scales easily for all skill levels and all ages.

It’s so easy that a wee little kid can do it. Don’t believe me? Let four year old Kiara Goold teach you the basics:

How can you resist that?

Of course, you can also turn the difficulty dial up to eleven if you like. Just take a gander at Keali’i Mamala & Co on SUPs:

Learning to stand up paddle is the perfect complement to learning to sail. It’s just so easy to lash a SUP to the deck or put one on a davit. (Don’t know what a davit is? No worries, we’ll teach you.)

And then when you get whereever it is you were going, you can break out a paddle and a leash and explore whichever bay or cove or island strikes your fancy.

Now we’re not saying living aboard a boat while attending sailing school (as you would with us at Nautilus) solves all of life’s problems. You won’t suddenly be able to fill out your 1040 any better. But sailing, like stand up paddling, is a physical activity that scales to all fitness levels, so it will make you happier.

Also, like we’ve been pointing out for a while now, sailing lessons will open up a whole new world of experiences that promise adventure and change-your-perspective awesomeness otherwise out of reach for the everyday Joe.

Say, for example, you wanted to visit Oahu. An excellent way to see — to really experience — the island would be to sail around it. Very few of Hawaii’s visitors actually get the from-the-ocean view of any of the islands, and almost no one gets to circumnavigate Oahu. After you’ve completed our sailing classes, though, you’ll be skilled enough to do just that.

(By the way, Oahu is on our mind because just this morning one of our alums rubbed in how nice his SUP-surf session was out at the Mokes on Oahu’s east side. No wind, north wrap, 6-8 foot waves…it makes us sick!)

At the beginning of your journey, you might find yourself at the sandbar in the middle of gorgeous Kaneohe Bay which is just a few miles north of the Mokes. What better way to explore a bit than to drop anchor in the sand and paddle the mile-long coral reef?




Adventures on Oahu: SUP and Sail…

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