About Us

About Nautilus Sailing

Nautilus Sailing is an award-winning American Sailing Association school. In 2011 and 2012, Nautilus Sailing was chosen as a Top 20 sailing school, out of more than 300 ASA schools worldwide (sadly the ASA discontinued that award after 2012!).

We pride ourselves in having excellent instructors, using the best sailboats available, and offering our courses in some of the most spectacular cruising locations in the world. We prefer getting a little off the beaten track, and leaving room for adventure, as we help people learn to sail.

Nautilus headquarters is currently located in Crested Butte, Colorado. “Colorado?” you might well ask! Yes, we know there isn’t an ocean in Colorado. The beauty of the internet is that offices can be based anywhere. We spend our time teaching sailing in tropical destinations around the world, so decided to run things from a little mountain town, high in the Rockies. When we are not working we love enjoying skiing, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking and all the amazing outdoor pursuits this area has to offer!

7 Reasons Why Future Skippers Prefer Nautilus

  1. We teach on the newest sailboats in production, so students are learning in small groups, on beautiful new vessels.
  2. Our top-rated instructors are all experienced sailors, excellent teachers and wonderful people to share the week’s adventure with. In 2018 Nautilus Sailing had more award-winning “Outstanding Instructors” than any of the American Sailing Association’s 350 schools worldwide.
  3. Our trips are great fun. Yes, you are learning, but we make sure that you also get a chance to enjoy the ocean, coves, beaches and wildlife. Every itinerary is packed with amazing experiences.
  4. We build it around you: if you have a particular date and destination, just ask. If we can put a trip together for you, we will!
  5. Learning to sail with Nautilus is just the start! Become part of the Nautilus family and join us for alumni trips, flotillas, sailing adventures, and deliveries around the world every year.
  6. Nautilus Sailing is the official and exclusive sailing school for Dream Yacht Charters, the largest sailing company in the world, with 1200 charter boats in over 55 countries. All students receive special discounts off their charters with Dream Yacht Charters!
  7. There are so many exciting ways to continue your sailing education and to advance your sailing experience. We just want to give you the perfect start.

So call us now on (800) 680-7902 or send an email. We look forward to putting together your perfect trip.