The World’s Favorite Sailing School

We all remember fondly the end of term at school or college, that once-in-a-year feeling when school is all over, exams are done and we are released with the vacations stretching ahead of us. The gates open and we stream out into the sunshine with plans for the summer.

How are your plans looking for this summer? We’d like to introduce Nautilus Sailing, the world’s favorite sailing school, primed to help you develop your abilities and fast-track you through the rigors of the ASA Sailing Certification process so that you can captain a yacht. How good are we? Well on Tripadvisor we have 145 reviews of which 140+ are ranked ‘Excellent’ (5 out of 5).

The world's favourite sailing school

Although we are called a sailing school, we don’t want you to think of stuffy classrooms and whiteboard, or one-way monologues. You are not going back to a classroom: that’s not how we go about it. You get to experience adventure ‘hands-on’ in a small group guided by award-winning skippers on fine catamarans and boats.

Sailing school

Learn to Sail in the Most Beautiful Locations

So, let’s talk about where you’re going to do most of your learning: on board a catamaran or monohull in some of the most idyllic locations in the world.

We hand-pick our destinations to offer year-round course choices, and to meet the stringent requirements of the Nautilus Team.

Wherever you choose to go you will experience seas that have enough wind to challenge without becoming unnavigable. Locations that are popular but not too busy or full of tourists. Boats that are of high quality and perfect for small groups of up to four to learn to sail. And, local knowledge so we know precisely where to take you to make your experience unforgettable.

Our locations offer the most stunning settings for your trip. Not only do you end up with your ASA certification, but you also have a great time achieving them.

The Perfect Start to Your Sailing School Adventure

Paddle Boarding Sailing School

When it comes to the subjects you need for this ‘school’ we have all the important ones covered. Picked to make an impact on your offshore future. Here are a few of our favourites.

Marine Biology: See the Beauty of the Oceans

It’s not all work or study on our trips. We want all our clients to make the most of their experience. We know where the best paddleboarding, diving and snorkelling spots are, and if you’re keen you can swim up close with some amazing creatures from turtles to rays, and all sorts of marine life.

Geography: Learning Map Reading for Sailing

Liveaboard asa classes

Take in some geography too, learn to read nautical charts and maps. This is geography that matters so you can plot your course, regardless of whether land is in sight. We’ll also help you use the on board electronic navigation so that you can keep track of where you are.

Physical Education: It’s Like a Gym Session!

Life on board is busy, to become a skipper you have to not just learn, but also do. Shades on, sails up, casting off: let’s go!

We work as a team on board, but you will soon get the hang of all the important activities and build your stamina and strength.

English Literature: There is Always Time to Relax at the Nautilus Sailing School!

Whether a book or an e-book, take time to chill with your favourite writer and have a chance to recover from the more strenuous moments.

Summer Ends When You Say It Does!

We have sailing courses running at six different destinations around the world, it can be summer when you want it to be. Even if you book today, you can choose Mexico in November, or Grenadines in February, or Tahiti in April. We choose our courses to avoid storm seasons and to target the best weather windows and the most favorable conditions.




The World’s Favorite Sailing School

The only way to join our tribe is to learn to sail with Nautilus.

We’re really careful to make sure that we know and trust anyone coming on one of our special trips.

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