Learning to Sail – The ultimate launchpad for adventure

Caribbean Surf Exploration
Exploring surf breaks on remote islands in the Caribbean

So you love to surf, do you? Or perhaps scuba-diving is more your thing. No? How about swimming with dolphins and sea lions, diving off cliffs, rock climbing, paddle-boarding, or kiteboarding?

If any of these adventure activities catches your fancy, then you’re in luck. We’ve got just the thing for you: Learn sailing.

Say what? I know. It’s counterintuitive. But think about it with me for a second. Consider two of the biggest challenges you face when it comes to actually executing on your adventure vacation dream: (1) logistics and (2) finding that perfect spot for your favored adventure that is deserted, devoid of all unwelcome, noise-making, space-hogging hosers crimping your style.

Learning to sail can solve both of these problems. Traditionally sailors have gotten into the seafaring game for the love of the sea, for love of the journey itself. We here at the Nautilus sailing school wholly endorse that view because sailing is fun.

But there’s another way to look at it. Think of using a sailboat as a launchpad. When you learn to sail all of a sudden you have access to the greatest adventure-activity-launching-platform available. With a sailboat you can go where no one else can.

Imagine parking your boat 100 meters from that secluded surf break in the British Virgin Islands. You get up in the morning, hop on your board, and catch 10 righthanders before breakfast.

Learn sailing and you can surf anywhere
Surfing remote waves in the Caribbean

Now imagine what everyone else who wants to surf there has to do: Find a hotel that’s close enough, rent a car, pack lunch, get up early enough to drive out to somewhere near the break, find parking, find beach access, and finally paddle out.

With your charter boat, your hotel (and your lunch) is just a 100 meter paddle away. And what if the swell shifts? You can haul anchor and find the new sweet spot. How’s the other hoser going to do that from a car, especially if the next stop is one island over?

Sailing Lessons in the Carribean

Over the next few blog posts, we’re going to share with you some of the choicest locations, tips, and thoughts about how learning to sail can launch your next set of adventure travels (and the next after that, and the next after that…).

But for now, isn’t it time to have a look at a sailing lessons from Nautilus that can put you one adventure ahead of the other guy?




Learning to Sail – The ultimate launchpad for adventure

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