What Happens Next?

So, you’ve decided to go ahead? Fantastic. Here is a quick list of the key steps between now and receiving your ASA accreditations.


Instructor + Boat

The 1st step in your adventure, Nautilus confirms boat and instructor availability for your course dates.


Invoice Sent

You’ll receive an invoice for 50% deposit securing your dates and boat.


Books Mailed

When payment is received we send you all your textbooks, sailing materials and information to help you plan your trip


T -60 days

60 days prior to the trip your final payment is due (remaining 50%) and we send out final details.


T -30 days

30 days prior to trip, captain and crew introductions


Fly Out!

Fly out to your destination a day or two early to take in the sights and get acclimated to the tropical weather.


Have a Great Trip!

Enjoy 7 days of intensive training in exotic locations, with award-winning instructors at the Dream Yachts official sailing school.


Receive Your Seals

Upon successful completion, within 60 days, the ASA will send your official seals for your logbook.