Dream Yacht Charter

The Official Sailing School for Dream Yacht Charter

Nautilus Sailing is proud to announce that we have been appointed as the official sailing school for Dream Yacht Charter.

Dream Yacht Charter is the now the largest charter company in the world, with over 1,200 boats in 64 amazing destinations. They are nearly twice the size of Moorings and Sunsail!

We have worked with Dream Yacht Charter for many years now as they have grown, regularly using their boats and catamarans for our courses. We’ve always been impressed with how they are constantly buying brand new boats, manage to keep their fleet in great condition and offer excellent service as they strive to build the best charter company in the world.

Well, the feeling must be mutual! Due to the excellent reputation in the industry for premium live aboard courses and award-winning instructors, they have chosen Nautilus Sailing to be their official and exclusive sailing school and sailing training partner.

This is a huge honor as Nautilus Sailing was selected out of more than 350 ASA sailing schools worldwide, to partner with them. This is incredibly exciting for potential students! This means you have the chance to learn on the newest vessels on the market, in some of the most stunning cruising grounds in the world! Want to do a private/custom trip? We can send our Nautilus Instructors to any of DYC’s 64 global bases, and run a week long live aboard course on any vessel you want. Amazing!

Exclusive Offers for Nautilus Alumni

What does this mean for our Nautilus alumni that have completed courses with us? Nautilus Sailing is now part of the large Dream Yacht Charter network, which means all kinds of benefits.

Take 5% off your charters with Dream Yacht Charter!

Once you are an alumni you can take advantage of this fantastic deal. Whether you are a recent alumni or did your course with us years ago, ALL Nautilus Alumni are entitled to this special discount around the world!

When you look at the average cost of chartering a sailboat for a week, this will help pay for a major portion of provisioning, or to have some toys aboard (paddleboards, kayaks, fishing rods, etc…) Click here to visit the Dream Yacht Charter website and start planning your next epic vacation!



Get help buying NEW and USED boats!

Dream Yacht Charter is the largest buyer of new sailboats in the world.

They have partnerships with all the major manufacturers, and one of their knowledgeable and friendly brokers can help you find that new sailboat you are looking for.

Want a used boat? DYC has LOTS of used boats in their global inventory, and these well-maintained vessels can represent large savings. Click here for detailed information.



Sabbatical Charters! 

Ever wanted to take a sabbatical, and escape for a few months, or even a year?

Dream Yacht Charters is offering this unique opportunity to use of their vessels for longer periods of time, with all the maintenance and servicing included, at any of their bases worldwide!

This is an INCREDIBLE deal and avoids the hassle of buying a boat, refitting it, dealing with mechanical headaches and breakages, and ultimately then trying to sell it to recoup your investment. Click here for more details on this fantastic program!