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Tom, Colorado

“This was huge for me, and couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve been all over the world and seen some amazing things, this ranks in the top! I recommend this to anyone who is up for an adventure.”

Lyle, Colorado

“My 20 year old son and I took this course together. It was great to learn something that we can do together or with friends for the rest of our lives. Can’t wait to do it with my 16 year!”

Woody, Maryland

“I was looking for the experience to live-aboard and learn to sail. This course exceeded my expectations. I not only got the experience of sailing; I had a GREAT time doing it.”

Torrey and Nick, Colorado

“Well… we are still telling our sailing story filled with tidbits of conch, tests, caribs, sheets, winches, tangs, floating beaches, etc … THANK YOU for introducing us to a new chapter.”

Bill, Colorado

“This is a trip I’ve been talking about for years! Finally left the office behind and have absolutely no regrets. The instructor was very professional and easy going at the same time.”

Emmy, Virginia

“This is the only way to learn to sail; live on the boat and actually be immersed in the lifestyle and responsibilities that are associated with the sport. I could not recommend a better sailing course!”

Dave, Colorado

“There is no better format to truly master the skills to sail away on your own. The instructor’s expertise and personality made this course such a pleasure, and I’ll never forget this journey!”

Samantha, Florida

“Husband got the sail bug – not me. Didn’t think I could learn to do it well. However, the instructor was fantastic. I not only learned how to sail but I had a fabulous time!”

Helen, Georgia

“The perfect experience for learning to sail. We have bought a boat and I was very concerned about using it. The instructor made me much more confident. Best week and class-HIGHLY recommend!”

Jeff, California

Sea of Cortez
“There’s really no way to go wrong with Nautilus’ liveaboard sailing courses. You get to have a great time exploring one of the best marine areas on the planet and learn how to sail.”

Michael, Ohio

Sea of Cortez
“The trip was wonderful; the marine life, the beautiful water, the fishing, the weather…. The highlight of the trip though was the instructor, excellent teaching and abundant practice.”

Matt, Massachusetts

Sea of Cortez
“The liveaboard experience provided a great experiential classroom.This trip solidified my sailing knowledge to the point where I feel comfortable chartering a boat.