Spirit of Adventure

Learn to sail and pursue your passion…

Sailing is the ultimate platform for adventure and discovery. Whether you surf, kiteboard, rock climb, scuba dive, kayak, or spearfish, a sailboat will get you off the beaten track, to destinations far from the crowds.

What most adventurous people don’t realize, is that all that stands between them and making this dream a reality, is a week long liveaboard sailing course. Just one week in the Grenadines, or Sea of Cortez and you are equipped to live life unlimited.

After an intensive one week sailing course on a yacht in an exotic destination, participants will have the skills, experience and formal certification to charter sailboats (rent a yacht) in waters around the world. Whatever your passion is, you’ll be able to find the destination and the boat that let you pursue your dreams.


LEARNING TO SAIL unlocks incredible adventures in STUNNING PLACES

Surf Deserted Reefs

Surf a deserted reef pass

Fishing and Sailing

Catch Mahi Mahi for the grill

Kiteboarding and Sailing

Kiteboard a pristine lagoon in the Grenadines

Sailing and Rock Climbing

Lead first ascents of towering pinnacles in Thailand

Sailing and Scuba Diving

Scuba dive a deserted reef in Australia


Learn to sail, grab some friends and embark on your own off-the-beaten-track adventure,  at the helm of a yacht!