You’ve probably heard of the British Virgin Islands (BVIs)? Well, the Spanish Virgin Islands are their lesser known neighbors. We love the BVIs, but there are now over 4000 charter boats in the area, and things can get really crowded. The SVIs were owned and operated by the US military up until recently, and have thus stayed undeveloped and pristine. This is an incredible cruising destination, far from the crowds. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgin Islands of September 2017, and left a wide swath of destruction. We had to reschedule a couple of fall 2017 courses, but now feel confident in the recovery efforts already made, and are running courses there in the area. One of the best things we can do to help people recover is to bring much needed tourist dollars back to the area!

why the spanish virgin islands?

With easy access from North America (plan on flying into San Juan Puerto Rico and catching a shuttle to Fajardo), this is an amazing sailing destination. Pristine beaches, a huge array of marine life, and small local communities, make for an incredible adventure. Warm Caribbean weather, and excellent winds are the icing on the cake.

Course Instructors

Nautilus instructors are avid and passionate sailors, experienced teachers and guides, and love introducing people to sailing. They are able to meet students at whatever level of experience they find themselves; from participants that have never sailed to those that already confident in the basics.

Nautilus Sailing Instructors